Don’t Call 911, Call A Crackhead

Monday, August 10th 2015 Today the crew discuss whats going on in the political world . If you need help, don’t call 911, call a crackhead! The professor calls in to let us know where he’s been and his predictions for the upcoming NFL season.  We end the show with #MoneyMoneyMonday  

Slammin’ With Slamfest Mike

Friday, August 7th 2015 Today the crew is joined by Slamfest Mike and we talk about Slamfest coming up September 19 and 20th. Slamfest Mike really did remember to bring the chicken! YUM! Jerome gets in trouble because he forgets how to do a commercial, so Kevin kicks him out of the studio! We end […]

Keeping It Real

Thursday, August 6th 2015   Today the crew discuss last nights interview with Bruno Sammartino. We all lose control as the whole crew decides to “Keep it real”. We heckle Slamfest Mike about the chicken he promised. We end the show talking about Terrell Owens selling his house  

The Legendary Bruno Sammartino

Wednesday, August 5th 2015 Today is a very special #WrestlingWednesday as we are joined by WWE legend and Hall of Famer, Bruno Sammartino and Wrestle Reunion owner, Sal “Big Cheese” Corrente. We talk about the recent passing of other WWE legend “Hot Rod”, Rowdy Roddy Piper and what memories Bruno has of his old friend. […]

Taylor McCullough Joins Us

Tuesday, August 4th, 2015 Today the crew is joined by pro wakeboarder, Taylor McCullough. We Hear her stories about winning championships an traveling the world. Kevin is obsessed with peanuts, and we end the show with #TimewarpTuesday  

Ronda Rousey Is A Beast

Monday, August 3rd 2015 Today the crew discuss their trip to Yogurtland. Jason Ellis calls us to let us know what went down during UFC 190. Can Ronda Rousey be beaten? Who’s next in line for her? We end the show with #MoneyMoneyMonday  

Joelius Caesar Completes His MLB Tour

Friday, July 31st 2015 Today the crew discuss the loss of Rowdy Roddy Pipper. We are joined by Joelius Caesar and he talks about his MLB tour. Which cities are the best and which were the worst!  We end the show with  a baseball edition of the HOTSEAT  

Vazquez And Vazquez

Thursday, July 30th 2015 Today the crew discuss Vin Baker spending all of his NBA earnings. Kevin finds a new advisor in Vazquez And Vazquez. Junior Seau’s family is not allowed to speak at his HOF induction.  Dairy Queen and Krispy Kreme have us going wild. We talk about Hogan saying raspberry muffins.  

Mayra Tumbles

Tuesday, July 28th 2015 Today the crew discuss the weekend events at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  Mayra takes a big tumble. We talk about John Cena breaking his nose. Tom Brady suspension is upheld. 4 games it is! We end the show with #TimewarpTuesday  

Hulk Hogan Fired From WWE!

Friday, July 24th 2015 Today the crew discuss what has happened with Hulk Hogan being fired from the WWE due to racial slurs. Is this a big issue? Or is this minor? Eric the glaze guy joins us to talk MMA and the WWE.