Jibtopia (Alabama), Wave & Fun (Switzerland)

Jibtopia Wake Park Pelham, Alabama Liquid Force’s “Trip Across America” is back again this summer. Liquid Force hits towns all across America, hosting a ton of demo’s, BBQ’s, regional contest and activities throughout the USA. Next Sunday they’ll be at Jibtopia Wake Park in Pelham, Alabama. Jibtopia is a cable wake park that was built […]

10 New WakeScout Listings From Around The World!

Wakeboard, Water Ski, Wakesurf or Wakeskate … anywhere in the world!       Discover over 1,600 places in 83 countries to ride and ski! 10 new WakeScout listings from around the world! Wakeboardschule.ch Gunten, Switzerland WakeFire Cable Park Indian River, Michigan Anarchy Boarding Park Taupo, New Zealand Téléski Saint Jean Saint Jean Pla De Corts, […]

This Is Not Going To End Well

OUCH! Is all we have to say about this photo of a longboarder flying off his board at top speed. This fantastic photo – taken back in January of this year – comes to us courtesy of Skate Greener Pastures out of Switzerland. Check out more fun photos from Skate Greener Pastures here. – Marky […]