What’s Up With Dwight Howard?

Friday, June 2017 2017 Welcome to the show! Today the crew discuss the recent NBA Draft.  What the heck happened with Dwight Howard? We’re not saying we miss him, but… he should of never left. What happened to the big man role in the NBA? Also are players getting paid too much? It’s not #WrestlingWednesday, […]

Dean Ambrose Says Lesnar is Lazy

Wednesday, August 10th Welcome to the show! Today is.. you guessed it! #WrestlingWednesday! Today the crew discuss the ongoing Olympics. Our good friend Keith Landry stops by and gives us his Mt. Rushmore of wrestling. Connor McGregor calls out everyone in wrestling. We discuss which show had the better promo of the week. Dean Ambrose […]

The Rock Should Be President

Wednesday, April 20th 2016   Welcome to the show! Today is Wednesday, so you know wat that means… Its Wrestling Wednesday and its time to play the game.. No offense Triple H. Today the crew discuss all the new faces in the WWE. Mayra gives us a huge Total Divas update. We all show much […]

Doctah Pheel’s Wrestling Blog

COMING SOON This Blog is from the one and only Doctah Pheel. This will be his wrestling blog where he talks about….well you guessed it…WRESTLING! Anything goes here in a no DQ, No Count out, Falls Count Anywhere Brawl of a blog. Pheel will be discussing whats going on in the world of professional wrestling […]

Mt. Rushmore Of Wrestling

Wednesday, July 15th 2015   Today the crew discuss Kevins Daddy Boot camp. Eddie and Krispy Kreme Chris call in as we talk all about wrestling. We give a Total Divas update and give our opinion on current state of wrestling. Who is on your Mount Rushmore of wrestling?   #WrestlingWednesday  

Is WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan Done For Good?

Tuesday,  June 23rd 2015 Today the crew discuss what happens to professional athletes when they retire prematurely. Daniel Bryan may not return to wrestling says Bret Hart. Do you think he’s done for good? We take a trip back in time with #Timewarp Tuesday with a special highlight of  “Stone Cold Steve Austin”.