Jason Deli SODO: Grandma Approved

Jason’s Deli – the Kevin Sutton Show crew can’t get enough of that stuff. Great food. Top notch ingredients. And our fave location – SODO – serves it up right, with a knowledgeable and friendly staff. Soups, salads sandwiches and an amazing salad bar. Dine in or carry out. Next time you are near the […]

Jason’s Deli SODO, Soooo Deli-icious

OMG – can’t wait to get my mitts on one of those deli-icious sammies over at Jason’s Deli. It has been a while, my friends. I can’t stop myself from ordering a Reuben THE Great. The meat is piled high and the bread just right. And the included side of potato chips offer just the right […]

Jason’s Deli Is Good For The Belly

And now for the Restaurant Of The Week … OK, sure – it is a cheap rhyme. But it makes a good point and that point is that Jason’s Deli is good for your belly. They offer up organic ingredients wherever they can – even at the soda fountain. They also cut out cheap fillers […]

Jason’s Deli SODO – Garden Fresh Salad Bar

Last time I talked about Jason’s Deli, I was hyping on those amazing sandwiches. But now let’s turn our attention toward that island of fresh veggies, hummus, pudding and, like, a zillion types of crackers – you know, the Garden Fresh Salad Bar. Sure, other places have great salad bars, but Jason’s Deli kicks it […]

Jason’s Deli SODO – Sandwiches!

Ah … the sandwich. Making a great one is an art form, and the fine folks at Jason’s Deli SODO are true artists. But when it comes to food, it is all about the ingredients and that is where Jason’s Deli rises above the rest. Only the best stuff goes onto their plates of goodness. […]

Jason’s Deli SODO

Joe Durkin here, giving you the low down on the Restaurant of the Week … Jason’s Deli on Orange Ave. in the SODO district has been one of our fave grub spots since the beginning of the show. Jason’s Deli offers a healthier alternative to other dining destinations – they don’t use artificial trans fat […]