Adam “Bomb” Taylor joins us to discuss West Coast Action Sports

Tune in tonight as our West Coast Correspondent, Adam “Bomb” Taylor joins us to discuss the latest competitions, athletes and upcoming products. As a professional Skateboarder, Adam know all things Action!

Hearts Give Hope

Friday, May 22nd 2015 Today the crew prove to Kevin how wrong he is Regarding yesterday’s episode. Catholic Charities joins us today and talks about their event Friday,  June 12th benefiting the homeless. Head to to donate!

Adam “Bomb” Taylor is Back!

The crew have a talk with X games medalist Adam “Bomb” Taylor about skateboarding, his time recuperating and surfing!  Who are the highest scoring NBA players of all time? Dr. Phil goes crazy over how the media intentionally publishes false information just to get “clicks”.  

JUNE 20: Skateboard Master Builder Paul Schmitt Talks Innoskate 2014

On Friday, June 20, we will welcome to the show a legend of the skateboard world – the one and only Paul Schmitt. He’ll be talking up Innoskate 2014, which will take place in Lakeland, Florida on National Skateboard Day. Imagine that. Schmitt, a master skateboard maker, has been designing and producing skateboards for nearly […]

FEB 7: Pro Surfer Todd Holland Drops By The Studio, Pro Skater Lea Taylor Calls From Cali

On, Friday, Feb. 7 edition of the Kevin Sutton Show, our in-studio guest will be pro surfer Todd Holland. But that’s not all – there’s more. So much more. We will also have a call-in from Huntington Beach, CA from 17-year old skateboard sensation Lea Taylor who is also big into surfing at the competitive […]

NOV 22: Ryan Phillips & Cooper Burrows

Watch out … two Young Guns of action sports are our guests on Friday, Nov. 22 on the Kevin Sutton Show. Ryan Phillips is from Orlando and 10 years old. He was the Florida state champ in youth BMX in 2009, has ridden motocross and won the 10-13 division at our Ride or Die skate […]

NOV 15: Pro Skater Dalton Dern

Our guest on Friday, Nov. 15 will be 21-year old skateboard sensation Dalton Dern. Dern hails from Apopka (which is just outside of Orlando, and the fern capital of the world) – but we won’t hold that against him. Check out his list of sponsors: Globe Shoes, Lifeblood Skateboards, Theeve Trucks, Vendetta Grip Tape (local), […]

Oct 23: Skateboard Coach Rodney Mead

On Wednesday, Oct. 23, our guest will be skateboarding guru Rodney Mead. Here’s a bit on Mead: He’s from Orlando and has been skateboarding for over 30 years. He’s “one of the best vert riders his age, has some of the best inverts in vertical ramp skating, … specially egg plants, finger flip hand plants, […]

Mr Congo Board’s Kenny Lawrence

  Kenny is what the HEART of ACTION SPORTS is all about!  Dedicating his life to the Special Olympics as Head Surf Coach in Washington, D.C.  The list could go on and on, lol.  I’m sure we will need to cut him off so we can discuss the upcoming Sebastian Inlet Bodyboard Pro event. Heres a little info on Mr […]

RIDE OR DIE TOUR STOP is giving  Florida just what it’s looking for a coast to coast action packed competition offering the best of the best of all local SKATE,WAKE and BMX scenes the opportunity to show of their skills and win some cash and swag and yes we said cash and we all love the green. Free for […]