They Call Him The 3-Flip Kid

KSS - They Call Him The 3 Flip Kid

And now for the Picture of the Week … Coming to us from Ontario, Canada is this super shot of a skateboarder in mid-trick by photographer Chris Hau. Hau says of this cool pic taken with a Nikon D80 in 2009 of an unknown rider: “This kid was only like 15 or 16 and was […]

Mr Congo Board’s Kenny Lawrence

Let's just say Kenny does it all he is ALL ABOUT THE ACTION.

  Kenny is what the HEART of ACTION SPORTS is all about!  Dedicating his life to the Special Olympics as Head Surf Coach in Washington, D.C.  The list could go on and on, lol.  I’m sure we will need to cut him off so we can discuss the upcoming Sebastian Inlet Bodyboard Pro event. Heres a little info on Mr […]


First comp is Skate, Bmx then Wake is giving  Florida just what it’s looking for a coast to coast action packed competition offering the best of the best of all local SKATE,WAKE and BMX scenes the opportunity to show of their skills and win some cash and swag and yes we said cash and we all love the green. Free for […]

Fisher Grant and Family – Surf into the Studio

Action Sports Is All About Family

    This Wednesday, we welcome ‘Action Sports Family – The Grants”. Fisher Grant, also known as ‘Fishdog’ will be in the studio to discuss his win in the Paddle Board and Long Board Nationals in California. Dad Mike and Brothers Fisher and Kieran will also discuss disabilities in Action Sports and how it never […]

Aussie Mountian biker shows us how its done

showing us how its done

This week we have a picture from Tim Phillips all the way from Australia.  I love these step by step layered action shots, they show us what we really like to see, the action as it happens.  Tim has tons and tons of action shots and scenic shots. check out his site Here

Stoked Plaza Air

pic of the week gb

  This weeks picture comes all the way from Great Britain.  Jurek Biegus, shot this weeks Bmx pic, some really nice air from this pool.  Jurek takes tons of action shots.  I looked through several of his pictures, and he covers BMX through supercar racing.  with tons of awesome pics you can see this picture […]

Hardkour Parkour


This weeks picture of the week, comes all the way from the UK. It was taken by Fernando Machado. A photographer from London, he shoots many types of images.  This Image captures the subcluture known as Parkour.  Parkour is the art of keeping your mometum going to climb, jump and flip your way through urban […]

Bmx Bowl Action


This weeks picture come all the way from Trent, England. This unknown rider was shot by photographer Jurek Biegus, He takes tons of amazing action shots you can check out his flickr page here

Multiple Personalities

Kevin Sutton Show - Multiple Personalities

And now for the Picture of the Week … From Jason Miklacic comes this awesome photo of an unknown BMXer throwing down at Painesville Skate Park in Painesville, Ohio. Not much is known about Jason except that he has crazy mo-hawk hair. Rock on! Check out Jason’s Flickr photostream for some pretty amazing photos of […]

Pool Runnings

Kevin Sutton Show - Pool Runnings

And now for the Picture of the Week … This great overhead shot of Wake Wars 2009 shows how to do a wake event on dry land – GET A BIG FRICKIN’ POOL! This shot comes to us courtesy of John VanderHaagen out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. VanderHaagen didn’t give us much background on his […]