Cavs VS. Warriors AGAIN!??


Friday, May 26th, 2017 Welcome to the show! Today the crew discuss the finals between the Cavs and the Warriors. This is the third year in a row we get these teams in the NBA finals. Is this good for the NBA? Rich Rogers calls in to give us a heads up about all things […]

WWE Backlash Was Whack


Wednesday, May 24th 2017 Welcome to the show! Today the crew discuss the NBA conference finals and how surprised we are that Cleveland could not sweep Boston. WIll this go further? The Spurs were utterly eaten alive by the Warriors. Can they be stopped? Its Wrestling Wednesday, so we breakdown whether or not WWE Backlash […]

A Billion Dollar Deal?


Thursday, May 18th 2017 Welcome to the show! Today the crew discuss how horrible this whole NBA season has been. The all NBA team has been decided and the media is the one who decides who gets in. With all the money floating around, how long would it be until we see a billion dollar […]

WWE Worst Ratings Of The Year


Wednesday, May 10th, 2017 Welcome to the show! Today the crew discuss the crazy block from Manu Ginobili onto James Harden. It’s Wrestling Wednesday, so of course we discuss WWE! Is Jinder Mahal a legit contender? The WWE goes to the UK and they suffer their worst ratings of the year. Daniel Bryan and Brie […]

WWE’s Charlotte Flair Photos Leaked


Thursday, May 4th 2017 Welcome to the show! Today the crew mess around a bit and mess with Mayra since she isn’t there. Tony Parker is out for the rest of the season. Our great friend, Court Bauer of MLW Radio calls in as we discuss a ptential Vince McMahon movie! Who should play him? […]

Wrestlemania And Bodybuilding


Wednesday, April 5th 2017 Welcome to the show! Today the crew discuss the whole festivities that was Wrestlemania! Our city brought it the entire weekend and we are suffering from a bit of a “Wrestlemania Hangover”. The crew notices that during the entire event, Camping World Stadium was not mentioned once! Is there a resason […]

Wrestlemania 33 Predictions


Thursday, March 30th 2017 Welcome to the Show! Today, the crew sit with our friend Mike Granato of Crews and Pesquera and we dedicate the whole show to Wrestlemania 33! ¬†Kevin has an on air meltdown as we recieve a gift from our new sponsor, ProAm Belts. We finish the show with a run down […]

Former WWE Writer: Court Bauer


Tuesday, March 28th 2017 Welcome to the show! Although its not Wednesday, Its Wrestlemania Week! This week is big in the WWE as Wrestlemania is coming to town! The crew breal down the current events going down this week. We are joined by former WWE writer Court Bauer (Of MLW Radio) as we learn what […]

Touched By Tebow?


Monday, March 13th 2017 Welcome to the show! Today Mayra is out, so it’s boys night out! The crew discuss an event Kevin attended with Tim Tebow. Did Kevin pay $125 to get touched by Tebow? Clint from Manor Pro Wrestling calls in as he is a part of the house band, Anyone’s Guess. Clint […]

Is KAKA A Bust?


Tuesday, March 7th 2017 Welcome to the show! Today the crew discuss the fallout from Doin’ It In The Dark (Car Show). The crew discuss the recent injury to Cavaliers center, Andrew Bogut. How will this affect the Cavaliers? Ricardo KAKA has been injured for Orlando City for a majority of his time there. Is […]