Divas Revolution and OCSC Head Coach Adrian Heath

Wednesday, September 23rd 2015 It’s Wrestling Wednesday everyone! Welcome! The crew discuss the Night Of Champions PPV that went down over the weekend. Mayra gives us a Total Divas update and we talk about the divas revolution. Orlando City Soccer’s head coach Adrian Heath joins us to talk about the event we are all attending […]

The New Spurs Are A Nightmare

Monday, July 6th 2015 Today the crew discuss the weekend’ activities. Doctah Pheel goes through a traumatic experience but the crew ruins the story. The  USWNT wins the World Cup! Jason Henry calls in to tell us his new love for the Spurs. We end the show with #MoneyMoneyMonday  

Hanging Out With Mentormob.com

Today, the crew discuss what happened to Orlando City. We chat with Vince Leung, founder of mentormob.com and talk about his website and how his guidebook can help you achieve anything. We also discuss the recent events in Baltimore and Ray Lewis gives his opinion on the violence.  The big fight is closing in and […]

Is Kaká The Future Of Orlando City Soccer?

Monday,  March 9th 2015 The crew discuss the Orlando City Soccer inaugural game at the Citrus Bowl -Will the attendance of 62,510 ever be matched? -The “preservation” a.k.a. destruction of Tinker Field    

Can You Take On Ronda Rousey?

Friday,  March 6th 2015 The crew joke around in the studio and discuss big dawg Shaq’s birthday. Do you think you could take on Ronda Rousey? Orlando City’s Soccer is about to start!