Biggest Upset In Sports History?

Monday, March 19th 2018 Welcome to the show! Today, the crew discuss how Mayra and Kevin have taken on yet another endeavor: Coaching Volleyball. Floyd Mayweather has applied for his MMA license. So does this mean a possible UFC fight with Conor McGregor? After UVA’s loss to UMBC in the NCAA tournament, the crew talk […]

Which NFL Position Is The Toughest?

Monday, March 12th 2018 Welcome to the show! Today the crew discuss the new #Disney attraction: Toy Story world. Also, what’s up with Florida keeping #daylightsavings time? The crew get asked a very important question: Which NFL position is the toughest? The #WWE have decided that they will no longer be having single branded PPVS. […]

Kaepernick Sues NFL

Monday, November 6th 2017 Welcome to the show! Today, the crew discuss the things they have been up to while on break. Lebron dresses up as Pennywise the clown for Halloween. We are joined by our friends and Lawyers: Mike and Ben Crews and Pesquera. We all discuss Colin Kaepernick deciding to sue the NFL […]

Are Athletes Getting Paid Too Much?

Today the crew talk about Kevin and Mayra’s baby shower! Are players getting paid too much money? Will the bubble burst? Sports is still the number 1 live entertainment on televsion, so the money and salaries will probably go higher and higher. A UFC fighter poops herself during a fight. We end the show with […]

Patriots Win Superbowl 51

Monday, February 6th 2017 Welcome to the show! Today the crew discuss the crazy Superbowl. The Patriots deafeating the Falcons in overtime to win Superbowl 51. What happened to the Falcons that lef to their demise? We discuss with Atlanta super fan J.R. and he gives us his input on the Falcons. Is Tom Brady […]

Is Tom Brady The GOAT?

Monday, January 23rd 2017 Welcome to the show! today the crew discuss the terrible playoff games this weekend. What happened, why were there blowouts?  We talk about whether or not Tom Brady and Bill Bilichek are the greatest of all time? The crew decide to give away more WWE Hall of Fame tickets and we […]

No Refund Romo

Monday, December 12th 2016 Welcome to the show! Today, the crew discuss the recent comments said by Cowboys owner Jerry Jones about putting Romo in the Superbowl over current starting QB, Dak Prescott. We read some Tweets from angry Cowboys fans demanding a Romo Return. The crew discuss Under Armour getting the future MLB contract […]

Will The Chicago Cubs Lose The World Series?

Monday, October 31st 2016   Welcome! Happy Halloween! Today the crew discuss whether or not the Chicago Cubs can hang on and win the World Series against the Cleveland Indians. Miami Marlins Jose Fernandez’ autopsy reveals he was heavily intoxicated. The NFL season is halfway through, Who are the Winners and losers so far? We […]

RIP Arnold Palmer And Jose Fernandez

Monday September 26th 2016 Welcome to the show! Today the crew talk about their awesome event this past weekend for the Fathers Count For Families Expo at the Orlando Fashion Square Mall. This past weekend was also filled with tragedy as Miami Marlins Pitcher, Jose Fernandez was killed in a boating accident. We also lost […]

Should Kevin Durant Stay Or Go?

Monday, June 6th 2016 Welcome back our friends! Today the crew discuss the embarrasment that is the current NBA Finals. What’s going on Lebron? Also, Kevin Durant will be a free agent this offseason. Will he stay in OKC, or will he take his talents somewhere else? Pheel says Orlando! Ron from calls in […]