Biggest Upset In Sports History?

Monday, March 19th 2018 Welcome to the show! Today, the crew discuss how Mayra and Kevin have taken on yet another endeavor: Coaching Volleyball. Floyd Mayweather has applied for his MMA license. So does this mean a possible UFC fight with Conor McGregor? After UVA’s loss to UMBC in the NCAA tournament, the crew talk […]

Undisputed Fight Night 3

Friday, September 29th 2017 Welcome to the show! Today the crew discuss how it’s free coffee day and how we should stuff the cups instead. We are joined by Anthony Arvelo Jr. Who represents Kissimmee Boxing Gym, as we discuss the great turnout from Undisputed Fight Night 2. Anthony gives us his take on the […]

Professional Boxer: Anthony Arvelo Jr

Thursday, June 29th 2017 Welcome to the show! Today the crew experience some technical difficulties. We are joined by professional Boxer ¬†Anthony Arvelo Jr. The crew discuss his career and what got him into boxing, his inspirations and what he feels about the upcoming Paquiao fight, and the upcoming Mayweather and McGregor fight.    

Amateur Boxer: Phillip Seide

Thursday, July 28th 2016 Welcome to the show! Today the crew discuss how John Cena is literally everywhere. We are joined by amateur boxer Phillip Seide and we talk all about his career in boxing. We are also joined by his coach as we talk about what motivates him, how he stays focused, and how […]

Jerome Gets Roasted!

Today the crew discuss the fallout from the fight. The NBA playoffs are in full swing and we breakdown our predictions with Jason Henry. Who is your pick to win the NBA Finals?The crew roasts Jerome so hardcore, he wets his pants  

Mayweather vs Pacquiao Fight Was Some BULL

We want to hear from you guys about the fight , what do you think , did you win or lose $$$ Call in tonight 8:15 pm till 8:45pm (407) 916-8255

The Highest Paid Athletes In the World

Thursday, ¬†February 26th 2015 The crew chat with Krispy Kreme Chris and talk WWE. Also, we talk about the highest paid athletes in the world