The Panthers Beat The Packers

Monday, November 9th 2015 Welcome to Monday! I know, Mondays suck! Today the crew talk with Kevin about his camp out.  He’s just about half way done! Has he lost his mind yet? We talk to the Professor about this weekends college games and shine a little spotlight on what’s going on in Missouri.  We […]

Knight Fan Stan Still Believes in UCF!

Monday, October 26th 2015 We’re back folks and we have some huge news! Kevin has started his Black Friday campout for raising awareness for homeless children. He is taking this campout to a whole new level by camping out for a whole 33 days! That’s right! 33 days. We’ll give you much more info as […]

Live From Kevin’s Black Friday Campout For A Cause At Florida Mall Best Buy NOV 24 & 25

740 The Game/iHeart Radio Talk Radio Show Host and competitive line camper Kevin Sutton has taking Black Friday to the extreme … but it is all for a good cause, for sure. Emboldened by recent social media stunts, Sutton turned the Black Friday shopping phenomenon into a tool to raise awareness of the plight of […]

My Extreme Black Friday Campout To Raise Homeless Awareness

Have you ever stopped and wondered what changed in your life or what turn of events led someone living on the streets? A family argument that went too far? A drug addiction that can’t be kicked? Or a War Veteran that’s DEDICATED THIER LIVES to protect America and now is suffering from PTSD? Is being […]