Freedom Wake (Orlando), Teleski Nautique (FRA)

Freedom Wake Park Orlando, Florida Freedom Wake Park is the home site of pros Cobe and Tara Mikacich. They offer instruction to all ages and skill levels for wakeboarding, wake skating, wake surfing behind their Malibu 21′ VLX and a 22′ MXZ. They also have a brand new Sesitec 2.0 cable, so now you can […]

Wake Island (CA), Kum Wake Park (France)

Wake Island Pleasant Grove, CA We’ll get to Wake Island in just a moment … There are 2 events coming up in Northern California that will interest all of you watersports enthusiasts. The first stop of Tigé’s Endless Wave Tour starts with the West Coast Wake Surf Open. This will be held May 28th-June 1st […]

10 New WakeScout Listings From Around The World!

Wakeboard, Water Ski, Wakesurf or Wakeskate … anywhere in the world!       Discover over 1,600 places in 83 countries to ride and ski! 10 new WakeScout listings from around the world! Gunten, Switzerland WakeFire Cable Park Indian River, Michigan Anarchy Boarding Park Taupo, New Zealand Téléski Saint Jean Saint Jean Pla De Corts, […]

Watersports Farm (CA), Téléski (France)

The Watersports Farm Nicolaus, California A brand new listing on WakeScout, “The Watersports Farm” offers wakeboarding, wake skating, wake surfing and waterskiing for anyone in the Sacramento area. “The Watersports Farm” is a private facility where everyone can have fun cultivating skills in a wide variety of waterspouts, no matter their skill level. Employing professional […]

French Connection: Demeur Du Chaos

And now for the Picture Of The Week … In this way cool shot provided by Abode of Chaos, French trials rider Julien Dupont is doing a rear wheel stall on one of 99 sculptures created by Thierry Ehrmann at the Abode of Chaos, located in St. Romain, Rhone-Alpes, France. This personal museum was nearly […]

Wake Zone (OKC), Monaco Wake & Ski (France)

Let’s take a look at Kevin’s Wake Spot Of the Week … Wake Zone Cable Park in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, is a just-built, full-system 100-acre cable park with a huge assortment of obstacles. Sound awesome? You are not the only one. Wake Zone will be hosting the USA Wakeboard Cable Wakeboard National Championships on Sunday, […]

Utah’s Jordanelle Marina, France’s EXO Cable Parks

Hey ya’ll, it’s Kevin’s Wake Spot of the Week … One thing we really haven’t talked about is the marina listings on WakeScout. They list marinas that offer ski and wakeboard boats for rent, as well as skis, wakeboards, ropes and handles … everything you need to get on the water. So if you’re traveling […]