Knight Fan Stan Still Believes in UCF!

Knight Fan Stan

Monday, October 26th 2015 We’re back folks and we have some huge news! Kevin has started his Black Friday campout for raising awareness for homeless children. He is taking this campout to a whole new level by camping out for a whole 33 days! That’s right! 33 days. We’ll give you much more info as […]

Can Mayra Win The Hotseat Again??

Kevin Sutton Show - Mayra in studio

Friday,  October 2nd 2015. It’s Friday baby! Get pumped because the crew discuss  well just about everything today.  We cover the Steelers losing to the Ravens, Halloween Horror Nights and Disney prices. We have quite a few callers call in today,   and we finish the show with Wakescout and the Hotseat. Can Mayra win […]

A Clustermuck Of Events


Thursday, September 17th 2015 Today the crew discuss the Molina Healthcare event. Are you a fan of Harry Potter at Universal or do you prefer the Star Wars experience at Disney?? JPP pictures of his hand surface and the results are shocking. A comedian gets caught lying about 9/11. Hogan is not giving up yet. […]

UCF Football has started the 2015/2016 Season


The 2015/2016 College Football season has started and Kevin Sutton and the crew were their first hand to kick off the season.  Our very own Faithy Fun Time started the game as the official Ball deliverer.  We want to thank Molina Healthcare for providing us with the opportunity. Tune in on Tuesday as we discuss […]

Tim Tebow To The Rescue


Tuesday, September 1st 2015 Today the crew discuss Tim Tebow and his photo ops with special needs kids. Do you think he is an opportunist? Or does he truly care? WWE Hall Of Famer Jimmy Snuka gets arrested for a murder dating back to 1983! The reason for his arrest will shock you! We end […]

Jason Henry joins us to discuss the latest in sports and Football


Join us tonight at Jason Henry discusses Football and all things sports.  Football camp is over and the teams are ready for the season. Who are the players and team to watch this season and his guess on who lands in the Super Bowl.

Quit Hitting Women In Bars

Deandre Johnson

Wednesday,  July 8th 2015 Today the crew discuss what happened to Pheel with his credit card. DeAndre Johnson hits a woman in a bar and loses his spot on the team.  Mayra gives us a Total Divas update. Jason Ellis calls in to let us know about his football camp


Taking the whole team with him for the ride lol

Today in the studio we are joined by NFL player Darrin Reaves. Darrin is a part of the Carolina Panthers who is from the  UAB Universtity Alabama Birmingham. Tune in as we talk Football and the upcoming season and whats going on in the world of an NFL star.

Darrin Reaves from the Carolina Panthers visits the Show

images (3)

Join us tonight as we talk with NFL player Darrin Reaves.  A running back for the Carolina Panthers, who started his football career in high school then at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Tune in as we talk football, the upcoming season and great stories. If you don’t catch the show live, the podcast […]


Has this been the plan from the beginning, what will the CowBoys fight back?

On tonight’s show we spoke with Eagles NFL Player Ricky Shaw , Cowboys Sports Analyst Jason Henry​ , Super Eagles Fan Michael  Carter Founder and President of East Coast Vanners ​ and our very own Super Cowboys Fan Chris Vazquez​. Lets just say things got heated And of course we could always count on Mayra […]