Kung Fu Family

Thursday, June 30th 2016 Hello everyone! welcome to the show! Tonight will surely¬†kick some butt! The crew discuss the potential trade of Kevin Durant. Free agency starts at Midnight! We are joined by a Kung Fu family! Well technically, a whole bunch of martial arts. They are champions of many many fields and they brought […]

RAAW & My Family …

I was introduced to RAAW juices 2 years ago. I will admit, I am not a big health person, but since I’ve become a mother, nutrition is always on my mind. When I tried the juice for the first time, I was skeptical. The bottle looked beautiful and the colors and design were very appealing, […]

A Reflection On My 2012 Blessings

A time of reflection … As we rang in 2013, I was thinking about 2012 and all my experiences – some good, some great and, of course, some not so good. I call the not-so-good ones – life lessons. But something more important came to mind and that was my life. I feel so blessed […]