The Crayola Experience!

Tuesday, June 30th 2015 Today the crew discuss the banning of selfie sticks at Disney. The crew was at the Crayola Experience at the Florida Mall. Kevin can’t pronounce the word “Crayon”. Jacoby Bruton from the Orlando Improv calls in to discuss his show next Wednesday, July 8th. We take a trip back in time […]

JAN 8: Kevin Sutton Show Live From Las Vegas CES Convention With Polaroid Action

On Jan. 8, we have a spectacle of a show planned for you. Kevin, Mayra, Faithy Fun Time and Gian will be broadcasting live from the 2014 International CES, which is taking place Jan. 7-10 in Las Vegas, NV. What’s a CES you may ask? It is the Consumer Electronics Show and it is where […]

The Public Library … Not Always Free

So I’ve recently become an active visitor to the Orange County Public Library and I have to say, I have mixed feelings. I used to be one of those persons that always bought my books and now I have a bunch of expensive books. Once you read a book, you’re very unlikely to read it […]

Driving Me Crazy: Road Trip With The Players

So we officially hit the road with The Players – that’s the Kevin Sutton Show crew in case you are just tuning in – for our first road trip. Imagine it, Kevin Sutton, the CWB, Gian Foo (shown in the pic above), Faithy Fun Time and myself. All of us in a car driving to […]

I Am A Princess In A Plastic Convertible

This weekend, I spent so much time on the show. My booking agent didn’t care one bit about anything but getting my name out there. Which is great, but sometimes you get tired. Tired … of hearing about yourself. I was done saying my name. And if I had to shake one more hand, or […]

Moving On Up, Shaun’s Love Boat

So … we’re moving on up … to the big station … in the sky (actually, the fourth floor). Yes, I can still hear the theme from The Jeffersons in my head from that first night. Finally got a piece of the pie … We have officially launched, ladies and gentlemen, and are now broadcasting […]