Should Kevin Durant Stay Or Go?

Monday, June 6th 2016 Welcome back our friends! Today the crew discuss the embarrasment that is the current NBA Finals. What’s going on Lebron? Also, Kevin Durant will be a free agent this offseason. Will he stay in OKC, or will he take his talents somewhere else? Pheel says Orlando! Ron from calls in […]

Christian Frazier – small guy with huge skate tricks!

In the studio today we have Skate Board Champ, Christian Frazier. ¬†With a fairly young career, this guy is well on his way to building a name for himself and being a serious contender in Skate Boarding. He’s been skating since he was 6 years old and looks up to great riders like Yoda and […]

Taking The Red Bull By The Horns

A peek into the week in the life of the CWB … This week was spent chilling in the pool with my son and I trying to get free of the heat. This Florida heat has been getting ridiculous. I wasn’t feeling well Thursday, so I didn’t even go outside. But Friday, my little man […]

Road Trippin’: I’ll Have The Old Clothes, Please

This week in the life of the Crazy White Boy … So, this week in some ways was like many more of them lately, but as the weather would have it, my garage sale had to be postponed to a later date. Then, of course, I defaulted to the “Fa Jankey.” Anyway, it was time […]

Driving Me Crazy: Road Trip With The Players

So we officially hit the road with The Players – that’s the Kevin Sutton Show crew in case you are just tuning in – for our first road trip. Imagine it, Kevin Sutton, the CWB, Gian Foo (shown in the pic above), Faithy Fun Time and myself. All of us in a car driving to […]

A Tale Of Two Kevins, Exotic Rides

This week was crazy, man! It all kicked off with some real drama with my construction company. One guy can’t stand the other guy for talking all day on the phone with his girlfriends and feels he should be paid more cause he doesn’t use the phone at work. More like his gambling won’t let […]

Chairman Of The Board: Donk You Very Much

The time has come for the release of the Kevin Sutton Show DonkBoard! Yes, I know it’s crazy, but the DonkBoard family has been with our show through thick and thin, from station to station. My faith in their product has never wavered. I back them 100%. “Made in America” isn’t just a sticker to […]