MAR 31: Skate Park Guru Tim Payne + WrestleMania Preview Live From Harry Buffalo

Look out – on Monday, March 31, the gang is headed back at Harry Buffalo – our fave downtown Orlando hang – to talk to legendary skate park builder Tim Payne. Tim grew up in Orlando and was part of the growing skate scene in Orlando, Florida during the seventies and eighties. He is the […]

MAR 14: Dano The Mano, Wakeboarder Taylor Oxford, Rich Rogers In Cocoa

On Friday, March 14, the Kevin Sutton Show crew has an action packed hour in store! For sure, man … there’s skateboarding, paddleboarding, wakeboarding, and pro wrestling. That’s a lot of ground to cover action sports fans. We’ll welcome two guests – pro wake sports announcer Dano The Mano (a show regular) and wakeboarder and […]

I Am Not A Robot

We’ll to say I had a busy weekend would be an understatement, Thanks to Joe Jackson aka #MayraUribe my manager, I’m sure she thinks I’m a robot. (Just like Michael Jackson, in the later years.) Why don’t you just sit back, read this and feel my pain, lol. Friday, we had a conference call with […]

JAN 22: Wakeboard Announcer Dano The Mano

On Wednesday, Jan. 22, our guest will be Dano the Mano. Dano has been announcing pro wakeboard contests and live events going on ten years now. Dano the Mano has been on the water for 25 years and works in many different positions throughout the towed watersports industry from a boat washer to boat and […]