We’re Back!

Wednesday, February 24th 2016 WOW!! It’s been a good long while since you heard from the old KSS gang. Alot has transpired since our last show, so we try to keep it real as we record an episode from a secret location. (SHHH, It’s Kevin’s Kitchen, but don’t tell anyone.) The crew are back to […]

A Bad Week For Wrestling

Wednesday, September 2nd 2015 It’s Wrestling Wednesday! This week has not been a good week in wrestling. So many incidents have come into light. Jimmy Snuka gets arrested for murder because he opened his mouth. A WWE diva gets fired for Nazi remarks. There was a shooting at the WWE Performance Center. Mayra gives us […]

Doctah Pheel’s Wrestling Blog

COMING SOON This Blog is from the one and only Doctah Pheel. This will be his wrestling blog where he talks about….well you guessed it…WRESTLING! Anything goes here in a no DQ, No Count out, Falls Count Anywhere Brawl of a blog. Pheel will be discussing whats going on in the world of professional wrestling […]

Is WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan Done For Good?

Tuesday,  June 23rd 2015 Today the crew discuss what happens to professional athletes when they retire prematurely. Daniel Bryan may not return to wrestling says Bret Hart. Do you think he’s done for good? We take a trip back in time with #Timewarp Tuesday with a special highlight of  “Stone Cold Steve Austin”.  

Where’s The Walking Dead??

Wednesday, May 21st 2015 Today the crew discuss what happened to  WWE superstar Daniel Bryan with his injury.  Where’s the Walking Dead? More NBA talk.We also play another addition of the HOTSEAT  with Jason Henry.