NFL Has Rule Changes

Tuesday, March 27th 2018 Welcome to the show! Today the crew discuss how Mayra and Kevin’s volleyball team is doing. WWE’s Daniel Bryan has been cleared to wrestle. He claims he has used Hyperbolic oxygen therapy, but the crew is a bit skeptical. Crystal Cooper from Salty Sweet Clothing Company calls in to discuss the […]

Concussions and CTE

Monday, August 1st 2016 Welcome! Today the crew discuss whats going on with Draymond Greene and him sending pictures of his you know what on Snapchat. The crew discuss the after effects of concussions and CTE on former and current athletes. Many have already agreed to donate their brains to science after they pass. Will […]

Impact Reduction Apparel Returns

Tuesday, August 18th 2015 Today the crew is joined by IRA founders and they give us the 411 on their new Impact Reduction Apparel. Kevin tries it on in the studio and doesn’t kill himself! Joelius Caesar calls in to discuss James Harrison giving his children’s trophies ¬†back. We end the show with #TimewarpTuesday

Concussions And Kennels

Thursday July 16th 2015 Today the crew discuss why NFL players have more run ins with the law. Adam Bomb Taylor calls in to give us an update on whats going on with his life and how he’s recovering from his injuries. Jaime from Unique Kennels calls in to let us know what’s going on […]