Manor Pro Wrestling Dinner Theater

ManorPro Wrestling Dinner Theater

Wednesday, January 11th 2017 Welcome back! Today the crew discusses the most amazing college football championship game! What happened Alabama!? It’s Wrestling Wednesday so they crew will discuss whats going on within the WWE. We are joined by this amazing dinner theater that does wrestling! Manor Pro Wrestling Dinner Theater! We find out whats going […]

College Football Is Back

Tuesday, September 6th 2016 Welcome to the show! Today the crew talk the High school football games Kevin attended last Friday.#Oakridge got shut out! We are joined by our great friend, the Professor to talk about college football. FSU makes a huge comeback against Ole Miss this weekend. Ole Miss Player Ken Webster breaks his […]

UCF Football has started the 2015/2016 Season

The 2015/2016 College Football season has started and Kevin Sutton and the crew were their first hand to kick off the season.  Our very own Faithy Fun Time started the game as the official Ball deliverer.  We want to thank Molina Healthcare for providing us with the opportunity. Tune in on Tuesday as we discuss […]