Pay Your Taxes, Fool!

With Tax Season coming to an end this Tuesday – by the way, if you didn’t know, Tuesday, April 17th is the deadline – I am shocked by how many celebrities keep “forgetting” to pay taxes. Everyone knows about taxes, but it seems the rich and famous keep forgetting to give Uncle Sam his share. […]

Easter Weekend, Celebrity Financial Problems

A time of reflection: As I enjoy this Easter weekend and remember what we are celebrating, I am happy and grateful for the beautiful blessings in my life. From my daughter, Faith, to my husband, mother, family and friends, this is a wonderful time of year to rejoice and be glad. When you look at […]

Remembering NBA All-Star Weekend

I can’t wait to get back on the radio this week. I have so much gossip and as you can tell from the picture, boy did I have a great time at the NBA All-Star festivities. The game was cool, but I had a better time meeting handsome celebrities. Ladies, the men in attendance were […]