Jordan Vs. Lebron 1 on 1

Tuesday, June 21st 2016 Welcome to the show! Today the crew discuss the fall out from the NBA finals. Do you think Lebron can take Jordan in an 1 on 1 match up? Adam “Bomb” Taylor calls in to give us a heads up about the new skater cross event this weekend. We end the […]

Impact Reduction Apparel Is Back!

Tonight, we are joined by IRA founder, JD Chase and he gives us the 411 on this awesome new innovative technology: Impact Reduction Apparel. IRA has sent us a version of their apparel and we test it out in studio!

Impact Reduction Apparel

Thursday, August 13th 2015 Today the crew talk with Jason Henry about  Geno Smith getting his jaw broken. We talk with our good friend Adam “Bomb” Taylor and he gives us an update in new revolutionary technology to help concussion victims. Impact Reduction Apparel.  

Concussions And Kennels

Thursday July 16th 2015 Today the crew discuss why NFL players have more run ins with the law. Adam Bomb Taylor calls in to give us an update on whats going on with his life and how he’s recovering from his injuries. Jaime from Unique Kennels calls in to let us know what’s going on […]

Chillin’ With Adam “Bomb” Taylor

Today, the crew talk with Adam “Bomb” Taylor  and we talk about what’s new in the extreme sports world. We celebrate Jerome’s birthday. And the New England Patriots are guilty of delflating their balls

Adam “Bomb” Taylor is Back!

The crew have a talk with X games medalist Adam “Bomb” Taylor about skateboarding, his time recuperating and surfing!  Who are the highest scoring NBA players of all time? Dr. Phil goes crazy over how the media intentionally publishes false information just to get “clicks”.  

Adam Taylor (Pro Skater X-Gamer) Joins Us On Sept. 23 From Cali

On Tuesday, Sept. 23, we will be joined by our good buddy Adam Taylor. You probably know him from the X-Games. Adam is a frequent contributor to the Kevin Sutton Show, we love how he keeps us up to date on the goings-on in the skating world. Tune in, for sure! – Marky Mark  

JULY 11: Pro Soccer Player Jamie Watson (MLS, Orlando City), Surf Legend “Gnarly Charley” Hajek

On Friday, July 11 we’ll welcome pro soccer player Jamie Watson and East Coast surfing legend “Gnarly Charlie” Hajek. Jamie Watson Pro soccer player Jamie Watson (pictured above), formerly of our beloved Orlando City Lions, has played for a variety of pro teams in his long career. Watson – who has been a pro since […]

MAR 12: Pro Skater Adam Taylor Talks Vert Attack 8, Agent David Sugarman

On Wed., March 12, we will be joined by two sports powerhouses: Pro skateboarding X-Gamer Adam Taylor (above) and sports agent provocateur David “SugarTime!” Sugarman (below). Tune in or miss out, fools! (Sorry, I was channeling Mr. T there for a second.) Sports agent and Kevin Sutton Show regular contributor David “SugarTime!” Sugarman is well […]

DEC 18: X-Gamer Skater Adam Taylor & SugarTIME! With Sports Agent David Sugarman

On our Wednesday, December 18 show we have two very special guests. In the this corner we have pro skater and X-Games competitor Adam Taylor. This young buck is one of the hottest shredders in the game. And on top of all that he loves to hit the surf. And on Wednesday he’s all ours. […]