Old Memories!!!

So everyone know’s I waited patiently for the biggest concert for 2013, The Total Package Tour!  It included my all time favorite groups, New Kids on The Block and Boyz II Men (98 Degrees were also there)  I had mixed feelings as the concert drew near.  I couldn’t believe how old I am (and how […]

Enjoying NASA/Kennedy Space Center

Everyone knows I completely enjoy spending time with Faith but last weekend we both got to experience the Kennedy Space Center.  I’ve got to say, I haven’t visited the KSC since I was about 12 years old and I won’t be waiting 20 years to visit again.  I was a chaperone with the third grade […]

Girl Power!

So I had a little taste of power on Friday, when our beloved host Kevin Sutton was late to the show (he really wasn’t late, he was escorting Faith to the Father/Daughter Dance at Saint John Vianney). Can I just say … IT WAS AWESOME. Hearing the background music, cuing the mic, and “This is […]

A Reflection On My 2012 Blessings

A time of reflection … As we rang in 2013, I was thinking about 2012 and all my experiences – some good, some great and, of course, some not so good. I call the not-so-good ones – life lessons. But something more important came to mind and that was my life. I feel so blessed […]

Where Does The Time Go …

This weekend our very own Faithy Fun Time turned 9 years old. I remember a time when life was about me, myself and I. The latest fashion, music and all those other silly things. I loved going to concerts, spending endless hours at the mall and talking to my BFF’s everyday. Then on Oct. 13, […]

My First Soccer Game …

So I finally went to my first professional soccer game at the Florida Citrus Bowl and I gotta tell ya … I didn’t hate it. In fact, I had a great time. I will be the first to admit that it seems kinda boring to watch, but when you’re sitting in the bleachers surrounded by […]

The Public Library … Not Always Free

So I’ve recently become an active visitor to the Orange County Public Library and I have to say, I have mixed feelings. I used to be one of those persons that always bought my books and now I have a bunch of expensive books. Once you read a book, you’re very unlikely to read it […]

Ladies, It’s Time To Be Brave

So we took Faith to see the long-awaited movie Brave. Everyone knows I’m a strong supporter of Girl Power, and this movie solidified the world seeing Girl Power in a positive light. This movie was not about falling in love with the Prince or being such a lady that you never get to see the […]

Driving Me Crazy: Road Trip With The Players

So we officially hit the road with The Players – that’s the Kevin Sutton Show crew in case you are just tuning in – for our first road trip. Imagine it, Kevin Sutton, the CWB, Gian Foo (shown in the pic above), Faithy Fun Time and myself. All of us in a car driving to […]

Time Flies When You’re Living Life To The Fullest

I can’t believe another school year has passed, that another year on radio has gone by and that I’m another year older. Where has the time gone? One thing I do know is, I love my life and the people in it, especially Kevin and Faith. As the ladies point of view on the Kevin […]