Salty Sweet Surf Festival 2016

Salty Sweet Surf Festival 2016 The 3rd Annual Salty Sweet Surf Festival will be held October 15th-16th in downtown Cocoa Beach. The event is run by Cocoa Beach surfing local Crystal Cooper, and is an all female pro/am surfing competition with $5000 of cash and prizes. Women of all ages, groms and up, will compete […]

National Go Skate Day With Rich Rogers

Go Skateboarding Day 2016 Go Skateboarding Day kicks off the Summer and is held Worldwide every June 21st. In Orlando, riders from all over the community, took to the streets and local skate parks to enjoy a perfect day with their friends and fellow skaters. Two of the hottest spots to be at locally were […]

A Big Thank You

I want to say thank you for your support.  You got me to this point in life, you heard all my crazy stories, either on the radio or in person, so you know I’m not finished yet. Your family to me. The definition of family isn’t a relationship though blood or marriage, it’s when you […]

With all big conventions going down!

With all the big conventions going down in January, I’m always honored to be apart of all the madness. Over the years I’ve met so many athletes, actors, models and business owners all striving for the same goals, to be relevant wanting the world to catch your dream. As I walked the Orange County Convention […]

My Extreme Black Friday Campout To Raise Homeless Awareness

Have you ever stopped and wondered what changed in your life or what turn of events led someone living on the streets? A family argument that went too far? A drug addiction that can’t be kicked? Or a War Veteran that’s DEDICATED THIER LIVES to protect America and now is suffering from PTSD? Is being […]

I Am Not A Robot

We’ll to say I had a busy weekend would be an understatement, Thanks to Joe Jackson aka #MayraUribe my manager, I’m sure she thinks I’m a robot. (Just like Michael Jackson, in the later years.) Why don’t you just sit back, read this and feel my pain, lol. Friday, we had a conference call with […]

Holiday Seasoned: Nautique But Nice

This week I had the privilege to sit down with the some of the top athletes in the wake industry from wake skating, Wake Boarding and Wake Surfing to discuss the new edition of Nautique boats, the G21. This only solidifies that the G Series stands for kicking a** . The one thing that stood […]

At Times I Wonder

At times I wonder why I try so hard in my campaign to bring Action Sports – especially wakeboarding – to the masses when more than 40% of the population doesn’t even know what it is. They don’t even know the names of the athletes we classify as the top twenty! (I think the judging […]

Fox-a-Million Bucks

Guess who’s back in the house? It’s me baby and Im blowing up.  I just did a feature in rap song for an up and coming rapper/model, Fox-A-Millon Bucks.  She and her dog Jeremy,all the way from the West Side, spent a week in Orlando cutting up like 2 dam fools.   Jeremy’s job was to runaround my house looking like he had to take a dump […]

Magic Family time

As the Orlando Magic season ended, the Kevin Sutton Show’s, Faithy Fun Time, aka my little baby, had the wonderful opportunity to be an Honorary Ball Kid with the Orlando Magic. All I kept thinking was how this 4 foot wonder was going to put the Magic back on track. With her amazing talent, she […]