‘Tis The Season … And It’s Beautiful

What do you call the Arts? A museum. theatre, ballet, concerts, opera, musicals? I hope you get a chance to experience it all, but too many people have never experienced any part of the Arts. I was very lucky to have a mother who appreciated and understood the arts. I attended my first Opera at […]

Girl Power!

So I had a little taste of power on Friday, when our beloved host Kevin Sutton was late to the show (he really wasn’t late, he was escorting Faith to the Father/Daughter Dance at Saint John Vianney). Can I just say … IT WAS AWESOME. Hearing the background music, cuing the mic, and “This is […]

A Reflection On My 2012 Blessings

A time of reflection … As we rang in 2013, I was thinking about 2012 and all my experiences – some good, some great and, of course, some not so good. I call the not-so-good ones – life lessons. But something more important came to mind and that was my life. I feel so blessed […]

Where Does The Time Go …

This weekend our very own Faithy Fun Time turned 9 years old. I remember a time when life was about me, myself and I. The latest fashion, music and all those other silly things. I loved going to concerts, spending endless hours at the mall and talking to my BFF’s everyday. Then on Oct. 13, […]

My First Soccer Game …

So I finally went to my first professional soccer game at the Florida Citrus Bowl and I gotta tell ya … I didn’t hate it. In fact, I had a great time. I will be the first to admit that it seems kinda boring to watch, but when you’re sitting in the bleachers surrounded by […]

The Public Library … Not Always Free

So I’ve recently become an active visitor to the Orange County Public Library and I have to say, I have mixed feelings. I used to be one of those persons that always bought my books and now I have a bunch of expensive books. Once you read a book, you’re very unlikely to read it […]

Driving Me Crazy: Road Trip With The Players

So we officially hit the road with The Players – that’s the Kevin Sutton Show crew in case you are just tuning in – for our first road trip. Imagine it, Kevin Sutton, the CWB, Gian Foo (shown in the pic above), Faithy Fun Time and myself. All of us in a car driving to […]

Ship Shape: One Flu Over The Crow’s Nest

Vacation, vacation, vacation … So, I finally got some DESPERATELY NEEDED vacation last week and it was awesome. We went on the Big Red Boat for 5 days and did some site seeing at Key West, the Bahamas and Disney’s Private Island. The best part of the entire trip was the fact that NO ONE […]

Get Off The Sidelines, Do Something Already

People do care … and this makes me very happy. I am always pleasantly surprised when people get out of their ‘comfort zone’ boxed life and try to make a change in the world. People may know me as the sign waving, neighborhood clean-up, Girl Scout cookie selling ultimate community activist, but I have to […]

Pay Your Taxes, Fool!

With Tax Season coming to an end this Tuesday – by the way, if you didn’t know, Tuesday, April 17th is the deadline – I am shocked by how many celebrities keep “forgetting” to pay taxes. Everyone knows about taxes, but it seems the rich and famous keep forgetting to give Uncle Sam his share. […]