Watch: Greg Maddux goes incognito to prank Kris Bryant

Source: ESPN

The Hall of Famer and four-time Cy Young Award winner was fixed with a wig, mustache and goatee to complete his transformation into the “Sound Guy” for the shoot. And as the video shows, the disguise seemed to fool Bryant.

Maddux messed with Bryant throughout the day, offering him water and hand sanitizer, along with telling him to “try to hit it on the barrel” during batting practice.

When the original batting practice pitcher had to leave suddenly, Maddux offered to step in. The Cubs third baseman was reluctant at first, but after a few pitches he could be heard saying, “He might be better than the other guy.”

Mad Dog finally blew his cover when he asked Bryant if he would autograph his bat for “Greg Maddux.”

The stunt was fair payback for Bryant, who has proved to be quite the prankster. The 25-year-old fooled the Mesa Community College baseball team last spring by posing as a European transfer and went undercover as a Lyft driver in Chicago back during his rookie season.

Sarah Scrivens