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Waterski Girl Wonder: Shellie Blum

Friday, December 18th 2015   Welcome to our last show of 2015! Its been a great year at the Kevin Sutton Show and we want to thank all of the listeners who have supported us throughout the whole year. Without you, we couldn’t do what we love. Anyway, let me wipe away my tears.. Our […]

Shellie Blum the Waterski Girl Wonder interview

Join us tonight as we host the first female waterski ramp jumper in the world. Escaping instantaneous death and paralysis from a hangman’s broken neck, and shattered right jaw endured in a horrific watersking accident is only part of this unbelievable story. Follow Shellie on her journey from the Ozarks to Egypt and even the […]

WWE TLC Review

Wednesday, December 16th 2015   You know what time it is! It’s Wrestling Wednesday! Today the crew talk about the TLC PPV that went down this weekend. Mayra thinks Charlotte Flair’s championship run is simply because of her father, Ric. We discuss the upcoming Total Divas season 5 and The Monday Night Raw ratings are […]

Roman Reigns Is The Future!

So welcome my wrestling friends to Doctah Pheel’s Wrestling Blog. Lately the WWE has been suffering week after week with boring, stale storylines that have not engaged any of their die hard fans. Many people have been very vocal with their opinions on the current state of the WWE, as have we. One thing the […]

2015 End Of The Year Hotseat

Monday, December 14th 2015   Welcome to Monday! The year is almost over so we decided to have a end of the year version of our favorite game, The Hotseat! The Professor goes 1 on 1 with Joelius Caesar, winner take all! We ask them all types of questions and we find out, who is […]

Hey Lebron, Call Us!

Thursday, December 10th 2015   Welcome to the show! Today Mayra is holding down the fort while Kevin catches up on his daddy boot camp. John Cena is using Nikki Bella. LeBron James signs a lifetime deal with Nike. The Golden State Warriors are still undefeated and play the Cavs on Christmas.  Will they beat […]

Who Would You Bring Back To Save The WWE?

Wednesday, December 9th 2015 Welcome to you know, It’s Wrestling Wednesday folks! Krispy Kreme Chris joins us today in the studio. Kevin says Donald Trump isn’t that bad. John Cena is in a new movie. Who would you bring back to save the WWE? The crew lays the smackdown on the upcoming WWE PPV TLC: […]

Joelius Caesar Weighs In On The NFL

Monday December 7th 2015 Welcome to the show! We are a full house today in the studio. We are joined by our good friend Joelius  Caesar and we head straight into the NFL games this weekend. The Patriots lose again! Oh noo! Kevin is recognized as a celebrity at Epcot. Cam  Newton gets his touchdown […]

Joel Sakenheim talks Sports

Join us tonight as we talk undefeated Carolina Panthers and another loss for the Patriots. We’ll add in our opinion and discuss all the latest stats in NFL and NBA. We promise to entertain.

FSU And UCF Alumni: Marquette Smith

Friday, December 4th 2015   It’s Friday baby! Welcome to the show! We are joined by former UCF Knight, Former Florida State Seminole,  Former Carolina Panther, Marquette Smith. Wow, He’s got a lot of titles! We talk about whats going on in the NFL today, Especially with the Panthers. Does he think they will go […]