Everyday Hero: Raising awareness for the Central Florida homeless

everyday hero

It’s hard to miss the tent that’s pitched in front of the Best Buy near Florida Mall, but for 24 hours a day, seven days a week for several weeks, it’s what Kevin Sutton has called home.

Sutton is on a mission to let people know about the plight of the homeless.

“I’m telling my friends that if you know me, come out and feed me,” Sutton said. “I’m not going to eat unless you bring it.”

Sutton’s “Campout for a Cause” is a chance to spread the word that he’s collecting canned goods, drinks, juice — not only for himself — to benefit the homeless in the area. He’s spent almost a month sleeping on concrete and talking about the estimated 13,000 homeless children in Central Florida.

“People just started coming, but this time, it was different,” Sutton said. “People weren’t coming just to see me. They were coming to bring something not only for me, but they were bringing something for someone else.”

Sutton said the campaign is working. In 15 days last year, Sutton brought in three tons of food, which was donated to Catholic Charities. This year, proceeds will go to The Love Pantry, which is in partnership with Orange County Public Schools.

“For kids that get free lunch, they’re covered Monday through Friday for breakfast and lunch,” Sutton said.  “The question is what happens when they go home at night and on the weekend? Where do those meals come from? The Love Pantry actually fills that gap, especially during the holidays.”

Sutton is also the director of “Boot Camp for Dads,” which is a program that aims to help men be confident and committed to their role as a father. It’s a role that Sutton takes seriously.

“I only wish that when my daughter gets old and I’m long gone, she remembers that her dad stood up for something and helped others in their time of need,” he said.

Kevin Sutton will be outside of the Best Buy near Florida Mall through Black Friday, setting a personal record of 33 days on the street.

Please consider donating in person or online:  www.gofundme.com/blackfridayforkids

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