Total Divas is a great show that appeals to women and men!


So of course WWE wrestling has been a huge part of multi generations from the 70’s but it isn’t until recent years that women have become an acknowledged part of the WWE world.

Well maybe at least when ‘Total Divas’ started airing in July 2013.  Admittedly, I have attended a few WWE matches and I had the pleasure of meeting the Rock in 2000, but since they’ve added the reality series, I’ve been hooked.

I love the girl power of the industry and seeing the women earn their spot as respected performing wrestlers.  Also the drama and cattiness is also very entertaining.

I think the Bella twins are talented and that John Cena is not to bad to look at either.  In fact, if they could start a ‘Total Dudes’ series, you better believe I’d tune in for that too.

Let’s support the ladies and push to see them as a respected part of the WWE Wrestling.