Meet Ken & His Blog

What's up everyone, my name is Ken Sanders, I am the new crew member of the Kevin Sutton Show. You can just call me 'Action Ken', I'm in a wheelchair and have been paralyzed for 24 yrs. When I was younger, I made up my mind, nothing will ever stop me.

If people say it can’t be done, I will prove them wrong because no matter what you are going through you can over come any mountain in your way. Some may wonder why I've got the name 'Action Ken,' well if it includes speed, danger or adrenaline, I'm all over it.

I'm a bit of a risk taker, either sky diving, flying jets, ramping it in a pool with my chair I love action sports. I'm also a tattoo and piercing freak. I'm all tatted up from my neck to my toes and I have 328 piercing.

I look forward to some good conversations, great events and lots of action....