Live From Kevin’s Black Friday Campout For A Cause At Florida Mall Best Buy NOV 24 & 25


740 The Game/iHeart Radio Talk Radio Show Host and competitive line camper Kevin Sutton has taking Black Friday to the extreme … but it is all for a good cause, for sure.

Emboldened by recent social media stunts, Sutton turned the Black Friday shopping phenomenon into a tool to raise awareness of the plight of the homeless population in Central Florida, many of whom struggle to keep warm on cold nights or find something to eat.

Kevin Sutton Show - Campout for a Cause FOX

The Kevin Sutton Show host and master party emcee will have spent 15 days living in a tent when Black Friday rolls around, braving the elements as the first person in line for those famous Black Friday specials at the Best Buy store located near the Florida Mall at 8350 S Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando, FL.

To remind shoppers that some of us still have it pretty rough out there, Sutton has teamed up with the Catholic Charities of Central Florida, who will help Sutton experience what it is truly like to be homeless, even by going as far as bringing the radio host simulated meals like those served to the less fortunate. That means no warm meals, no cold sodas, no Big Macs, no pizza deliveries – just lukewarm food and drink for 15 days.

*****We want to make it perfectly clear that Kevin’s meals are NOT being provided by Catholic Charities and that his campout meals are in any way taking food from the system that provides for the homeless.*****

Throughout the 15-day campout, Sutton will also be collecting food, blankets and other essentials and turning them over to the charity for distribution. He might also end up with a good deal or two on some electronics … it is still Black Friday, after all.

Kevin Sutton Show - Black Friday Campout For A Cause

Sutton practically became a TV news sensation last year with line camping stunts during the Black Friday hoopla and a sour second place finish at a Krispy Kreme re-opening. His whole family stood in line for a free Pitbull concert.

About Catholic Charities of Central Florida

Catholic Charities of Central Florida provides vital social services to people in need regardless of their religious, social or economic background, to improve lives of individuals, families and the community.

Kevin Sutton Show - CCOCFL

A Message From Catholic Charities of Central Florida

Orlando and its surrounding area have been marketed throughout the country, and indeed around the world, as being the “happiest place on earth”. While families still flock to Central Florida to visit major tourist attractions, we are now better known for having the highest number of chronically homeless people in the United States.

Even more alarming, is that this number is seriously underestimated. The considerable amount of families who are living in motels or “couch hopping” between friends and relatives, for example, are not even included in this count. In addition the Central Florida area is in the top tier of municipalities when it comes to hunger; the Orlando –Kissimmee area ranked #10 in the nation and the Lakeland-Winter Haven area was ranked #8.

The data comes from the Food and Research Action Center; 6 of the 25 areas on the list are from Florida.  Florida also has a significant percentage of the population with limited health care options; the state has the second highest rate of uninsured in the country – 1 in 4 are without coverage.

Finally, our image as a good place to be has brought a large number of immigrants and refugees to our area; many of them fleeing conflict and turmoil in their native lands in search of a better life.

Central Florida is indeed a great place to live, but our communities are challenged by a growing list of problems that we must confront together to live up to the image we present to the world.

This year Catholic Charities of Central Florida has refocused our efforts to concentrate on four key areas of need: preventing homelessness, alleviating hunger, providing access to healthcare and caring for immigrants and refugees.

We are proud to report that last year we served over 92,000 needy men, women and children through these programs; we provided food to 900,000 more through member agencies of our food bank; and we assisted over 7,000 clients through our immigration and refugees services programs.

We have not done this work alone. Our partnerships with other government agencies, community organizations, foundations, businesses and volunteers are vital to the success of those we humbly serve.

As we continue the effort to confront these challenges in our Central Florida communities, we ask you to join with us.

We hope you see this opportunity as a way to give back to the community and have a real impact on the serious issues that challenge so many of your neighbors. Please feel free to contact us for more information. Visit our website at or