Mission Bay Aquatic Center (San Diego), Bairex Wake Park (Argentina)

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Mission Bay Aquatic Center

San Diego, California

Whether you want to learn to wakeboard or waterskier, or are an experienced rider or skier, Mission Bay Aquatic Center is San Diego’s premiere water sports facility. They offer a wide range of wakeboard and waterski lessons and classes, for both beginners and advanced riders and skiers.

For beginners, the “Wakeboard and Wakeskate Freeride” session at the Mission Bay Aquatic Center offers you the chance to get on the water for one day.

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Whether you are trying wakeboarding or waterskiing for the first time, or wanting to try advanced tricks, their private lessons will allow you to select a time that best suits your schedule and skill level.

Learn to ride at your own pace without the pressures of riding with unfamiliar people, or just enjoy your time on the water with your friends or family.

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For intermediate or advanced riders, the “Wakeboard Development Camp” at Mission Bay Aquatic Center is one of the most comprehensive wakeboarding program in California.

You will spend 5 days with one of their instructors coaching you and helping you progress quickly. Your riding will be broken down into the most fundamental elements to help you improve and successfully land new tricks.

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Coaching will focus on body position, board control, edging, jumping, spinning, and inverts (based on rider’s ability). Instructors combine riding time with a video review session to help improve your technique.

For intermediate or advanced waterskiiers, they offer an “Early Bird” Waterskiing class where skiiers will ride behind their Correct Craft Ski Nautique.

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Mission Bay Aquatic Center offers a couple of more options for wakeboarding and waterskiing – the Sunrise Wakeboarding class is a great option for those looking to get the best conditions on Mission Bay. This class is designed to take advantage of the smooth water conditions of the early morning. Instructors will coach riders to progress their skills on an individual basis.

Their evening Wakeboarding and Waterskiing class allows beginning wakeboarders and waterskiers the chance to learn and progress quickly over a month-long class that meets once per week.

Intermediate and advanced riders can also join this class if they are looking to get in some evening riding. This course is specially designed for after work/school and runs on the smooth evening water of Mission Bay.

Mission Bay Aquatic Center provides the best wakeboarding and waterskiing equipment in the industry, with a full line of current year Liquid Force wakeboards, bindings, wakeskates, and life vests.

All of their lessons take place behind current year Correct Craft Nautique Super Air 210 wakeboard boats and Ski Nautique boats.

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Bairex Wake Park

Benavidez, Argentina

Located just outside Buenos Aires, Bairex Wake Park offers riders in North America the chance to get on the water year round. Wakeboard and wakeskate on their Rixen cable. The features at Bairex include a fun box, rooftop and double kicker.

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Plus, they have a great selection of Liquid Force boards for the ultimate riding experience.

Bairex is the first action sports resort in Argentina. If you’re looking for something else to do besides wakeboarding, Bairex offers surfing, flyboarding, has a skate park and a BMX track.

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Shred Bairex during the day and check out one of the most dynamic cities in the world at night.

– Kevin

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