My Extreme Black Friday Campout To Raise Homeless Awareness


Have you ever stopped and wondered what changed in your life or what turn of events led someone living on the streets? A family argument that went too far? A drug addiction that can’t be kicked?

Or a War Veteran that’s DEDICATED THIER LIVES to protect America and now is suffering from PTSD?

Is being homeless truly their last option? I understand there are a lot of social media postings of people taking advantage of other people’s generosity.

Individuals panhandling around this Great Nation pulling on the heart cords, some even have the audacity to do it with their children by their side, faking that they’re homeless and at times living better than you and I.

I’m sure this dark side of our human race makes you want to stop giving to the less fortunate.

You shouldn’t!! Don’t let yourself become a victim of society, directly give your blessing to a local organization that will take the time to make sure every penny is going to the right hands.

Take the time to donate to In a moment of crisis such as job loss, divorce, or illness, people just like you and me risk losing everything – home, family, health.

Your support helps to prevent homelessness and provide rent, electricity, food and medicine to families in crisis. Vital social services will be provided to those in need no matter religion, social or economical background.

– Kevin