Crystal Cooper (Surf Event Promoter) Paddles In To Talk Salty Sweet Women’s Pro-Am – MON OCT 13

Kevin Sutton Show - Crystal Cooper 1

On Monday, Oct. 13, our guest is Crystal Cooper who is running the inaugural Salty Sweet Women’s Pro-Am Surf Contest in Cocoa Beach Beach.

Cooper created Salty Sweet with the idea of finding “the balance” between “salty” and “sweet.”

Kevin Sutton Show - Crystal Cooper 3

“Salty” represents surfing, strength, and determination while “sweet” represents the “feminine aspect of the lifestyle … It’s about being beautiful, sexy, and feminine. It’s about going surfing with the boys, but having a pretty pedicure, too.”

Got it.

The event is going to be held at the Cocoa Beach Pier on on Saturday October 18th. She is from Cocoa Beach and owns and runs Salty Sweet Enterprises, Inc., which is a women’s clothing line.

Kevin Sutton Show - Crystal Cooper 2

Crystal is from Cocoa Beach and is a surfer herself. We have it on good authority that Crystal will also be bringing one of her team riders, Nancy Facee, to the show as well.

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