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Meagan Ethell, Pro Wakeboarder on July 14

On Monday, July 14, we welcome 17-year-old wakeboard pro Meagan Ethell to the show. According to Meagan, she’s “from Illinois but I live in Florida to wakeboard.” That’s a good reason, sure. She’s been wakeboarding for 8 years. Top that, buddy. And she goes both ways when it comes to riding … “I ride boat […]

JULY 11: Pro Soccer Player Jamie Watson (MLS, Orlando City), Surf Legend “Gnarly Charley” Hajek

On Friday, July 11 we’ll welcome pro soccer player Jamie Watson and East Coast surfing legend “Gnarly Charlie” Hajek. Jamie Watson Pro soccer player Jamie Watson (pictured above), formerly of our beloved Orlando City Lions, has played for a variety of pro teams in his long career. Watson – who has been a pro since […]

Jibtopia (Alabama), Wave & Fun (Switzerland)

Jibtopia Wake Park Pelham, Alabama Liquid Force’s “Trip Across America” is back again this summer. Liquid Force hits towns all across America, hosting a ton of demo’s, BBQ’s, regional contest and activities throughout the USA. Next Sunday they’ll be at Jibtopia Wake Park in Pelham, Alabama. Jibtopia is a cable wake park that was built […]

JULY 9: Tunnel Talk With Indoor Skydiver & Instructor Ben “Benji” MacAndrews

On Wednesday, July 9 we welcome indoor skydiver and instructor Ben “Benji” MacAndrews. MacAndrews is an International Bodyflight Association Level 4 Instructor as well as one of the shift managers at iFly Orlando (a sponsor of the ). He spends a majority of his life flying whether it be skydiving from 14,000 feet or cruising […]

FROM AMBUSH: Slingshot, Hyperlite, Lakai & More!

Slingshot 2015 Terrain Wakeboard Looking for a killer park board? The 2015 Terrain is designed exclusively for park riders. Hand built in the USA this board offers the softest tip and tail flex that Slingshot has ever developed. Slingshot’s Block Fusion Sidewalls combined with the smooth Evershred (ES) Base ensures maximum durability and longevity in […]

Pro Soccer Player Jamie Watson (MLS, Orlando City) & Agent David Sugarman

Joining us on Monday, July 7 as we welcome pro soccer player Jamie Watson, formerly of our beloved Orlando City Lions. Watson – who has been a pro since 2004 – also spent time in Major League Soccer and is currently on the roster for NASL team Minnesota United FC. Jamie will be talking about […]