Giving Back!


When I think about community and charity, I think about trying to make a difference. I think about teaching my daughter the value of life and it’s privileges. I think about leaving my community a better place then what it is now and I think about making our world a little better.

It’s so easy to give back and do something for your community, but how committed are you to a cause? When most people talk about giving back it’s usually very broad. There’s no personal connection. It’s easy to write a check or put in a few hours of help, but people rarely work one-on-one with a person or a cause.

I firmly believe in order to really give back it has to start with being personal. Whether it’s cleaning up a neighborhood, working with children or feeding those in need, when it’s personal, you can feel the difference.

I commend everyone who makes it a point to give back. We need check writers and we need charity gala’s but if your up for it, try the personal touch. It really does feed the soul.

– Mayra