Wake Island (CA), Kum Wake Park (France)

Kevin Sutton Show - KumWakePark 150

Wake Island Pleasant Grove, CA We’ll get to Wake Island in just a moment … There are 2 events coming up in Northern California that will interest all of you watersports enthusiasts. The first stop of Tigé’s Endless Wave Tour starts with the West Coast Wake Surf Open. This will be held May 28th-June 1st […]

MAY 21: iFly Orlando Skydivers Brad Hunt & Christie Matheis Drop In For A Visit

Kevin Sutton Show - iFLY Orlando Brad Hunt 150

On Wednesday, May 21, our guests will be a couple of “air heads” – a term I just made up, by the way – Christie Matheis and Brad Hunt from iFLY Orlando representing the world of skydiving and indoor skydiving. Their bio says they like to be called anything but “air heads.” Check. Brad Hunt […]

FROM AMBUSH: HUF Mateo, Liquid Force, Oakley

Kevin Sutton Show - The HUF Mateo 150

The HUF Mateo in Black Floral Floral print isn’t just limited to Gramp’s Hawaiian button down collection anymore. Skateboard and streetwear culture have embraced the colorful pattern as a full-time Summer staple and when matched with a clean shoe like the Mateo from Huf, you have a no-brainer on your hands. This shoe features suede […]

Totally Tubular (NJ), Slider’s (Egypt)

Kevin Sutton Show - Totally Tubular 150

Totally Tubular Watersports Ocean City, New Jersey Totally Tubular Watersports is located in Ocean City, a seaside resort town in southeast New Jersey. Although Ocean City is known for some of the best beaches on the East Coast, anyone looking for a break from the beach and some action on the water should check out […]

MAY 14: David Schweizer (Musician, Movie Maker), Luke Schweizer (Skater)

Kevin Sutton Show - David Schweizer 150

On Wednesday, May 14, our guest will be David Schweizer and son Luke Schweizer. They will be in the studio for the entire hour talking action sports, the local scene and what it is like to perform with puppets. Wait, if his son is Luke, doesn’t that make David … Darth Vader? When he’s not […]

MAY 9: We’re Live From Orlando Live Events & Jai-Alai Citrus Invitational

Kevin Sutton Show - Citrus Invitational 150

On Friday, May 9, the Kevin Sutton Show broadcasts live from Orlando Live Events (OLE) in Fern Park, FL (just outside of Orlando). Why? Because the Silver Anniversary Citrus Invitational – otherwise known as the Super Bowl of jai-alai – is coming, that’s why. May 9 and 10 will see two silvery sessions at the […]

MAY 5: Sports Agent David Sugarman

Kevin Sutton Show - David Sugarman 150

On Monday, May 5, we get the inside scoop from sports agent David Sugarman for a segment we like to call “SugarTime!” With the NBA playoffs in full swing, racism in sports still a hot topic and it looks like Miami and Orlando have secured money for new MLS stadiums. Tune in for the skinny! […]

Wake Nation (TX), Wallygator (Italy)

Kevin Sutton Show - Wake Nation logo 150

Wake Nation Houston Rosharon, Texas As you’ll remember from last year, Liquid Force’s “Free For All” tour offers ‘FREE riding, FREE food & drinks, FREE demo’s, FREE giveaways, and FREE FUN!” Liquid Force global teamriders will be on-site giving pointers on how to improve, signing autographs and just hanging out. Plus, there’s always a great […]