When In Roam: Introducing Sports Eatery Harry Buffalo – The Ultimate Hungry Fan Fantasy

Kevin Sutton Show - Harry Buffalo chicken

The Kevin Sutton Show loves Harry Buffalo, a fantastic new sports, food and fun establishment located in the heart of downtown Orlando.

And what’s not to love? Harry Buffalo has undeniably great food and drinks. Steaks, fish, chicken build a burgers, wings … everything. And yes, they have bison burgers.


Kevin Sutton Show - Harry Buffalo bison

We Love Big TVs (sing it with me now)

Harry Buffalo maxed out the CC when it comes to oversized screens with crystal clear pictures. In fact, they have more super-sized TVs than a Best Buy, visu-pumping (a new KSS trademark) high definition sports at you from every conceivable angle.

It’s like a sports enema. In through your eyes and out your 1080P.  Translation: Lots of sports on giant TVs.

A+ Service

And I don’t want to forget the top-notch service at Harry Buffalo from a talented, and, honestly, good-looking staff.

Multi-Level Marketing

And they’ve got two levels of fun for you, as the upstairs bar and seating area makes you feel like some sort of sports bar royalty peering down on those poor Browns fans below.

Oww Browns fans. Had to go with someone, went with the Browns. Could it be that Harry Buffalo is from Ohio and Orlando is their first outpost outside of their home state and I was just ribbing them?Oh that reminds me – Harry Buffalo has great rib dishes and among their smacktackular offerings. Join us tonight and for …Kevin Sutton Show - Harry Buffalo WWE PPV Parties

WWE Pay Per View Parties hosted by the Kevin Sutton Show

We love the place so much that we instantly struck up a deal for Harry Buffalo to host Kevin Sutton Show  WWE Pay-Per-View Parties which is also sponsored by our good friends at Yuengling. So come and join us for those shenanigans.

More on Harry Buffalo later …

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