Skate Park/Surfing Spotlight: Cocoa Beach

Kevin Sutton Show - Cocoa BeachCocoa Beach has always been a favorite of locals in the know

One of the best locations in Central Florida to just “get away” for the day is Cocoa Beach. Those of us who love skateboarding and surfing, can spend the afternoon at the Cocoa Beach Skate Park, while being close enough from the beach to catch a little surf.

And the famous Cocoa beach Pier is only a few miles North.

Kevin Sutton Show - Cocoa Beach PierThe infamous Cocoa Beach Pier

Also, every other Wednesday, the School of Surf, run by pro surfer Todd Holland and his wife Lauren, have a group of young and old spend the afternoon with one-on-one coaching in surfing and then wrap up the day surfing some concrete at the skate park just a few miles down the road.

Scooter Newell, park manager, is usually trimming the “skate garden” and teaching the kids about how Sir Issac Newton influenced air tricks.

Kevin Sutton Show - Cocoa Beach Skate ParkCocoa Beach Skate Park

You can also walk around the block from the School of Surf and have a fresh coffee and a healthy meal at Cafe Surfinista (also known as “The Surfinista“).

I enjoy it so much, I may just head over there right now.

– Rich Rogers

Photos: U.S. Dept. of Transportation (top), Mike Russell (pier), Rich Rogers (skate park)