I Am Not A Robot

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We’ll to say I had a busy weekend would be an understatement, Thanks to Joe Jackson aka #MayraUribe my manager, I’m sure she thinks I’m a robot. (Just like Michael Jackson, in the later years.)

Why don’t you just sit back, read this and feel my pain, lol. Friday, we had a conference call with #RaawFoods, follow-up email with #NautiqueBoats, help Shane Hron remodel his new house and make sure to be home before 6:00 pm for the St. John Vianney School, Father/Daughter Dance with Faith.

By the way, Faith made me dance all night long (and not the Lionel Richie fun dancing, lots of jumping, girls screaming and ‘what the fox say’ sounds.)

If you think Friday was bad, Joe Jackson had me on punishment for Saturday. We started the day, by getting the batmobile washed at #TijuanaFlats, #ChillySpoons Plaza, raising money for #AlwaysWearYourSeatBeltFoundation in the rain.

Then we sped off to my Celebrity #BowlingForBabies event to help raise money for #HealthyStartOrange (did I also mention, they had me working at the bowling alley?) Then back to Tijuana Flats and Chilly Spoons for the block party, I also had to make sure to talk with Ms. Pj Garcia-Marshall.

Finally on Sunday, with no sleep, I had to get up and do social media for the #WWE pay-per view party. I met up with #DanoTheMano at #HarryBuffalo for #EliminationChamber and when I thought I had worked hard and long enough, when I got home, I was asked to do the laundry.

Yes I love it,, and you know they say hard work and dedication never killed nobody or …… at least I hope not.

– Kevin