‘Tis The Season … And It’s Beautiful

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What do you call the Arts? A museum. theatre, ballet, concerts, opera, musicals? I hope you get a chance to experience it all, but too many people have never experienced any part of the Arts.

I was very lucky to have a mother who appreciated and understood the arts. I attended my first Opera at the age of 9. My first Broadway show at 12 and many, many museums, concerts, and shows in my life. I continue that tradition with my family.

Faith attended her first Broadway show at 3 and Kevin at 28. They both loved it and it is something we try to experience on a regular basis.

Now you can have that opportunity by visiting the ‘Festival of Trees” at the Orlando Museum of Art. The exhibition of trees, ginger bread houses, reefs and all the displays are amazing. The best part of this exhibit, it is completely supported by our community.

From private sponsors to banks, to schools, restaurants, designers and even the Orlando Magic. You can see the creative way people designed the holiday season. My favorite was the Grinch tree. In fact if you find one you love, you can even buy it.

They are raising money to support the Orlando Museum of Art and there are many ways to contribute. You can buy raffle tickets to some amazing tree’s, gift certificates, dinners, concert tickets, Magic tickets, etc. They even have a candy shop and toy store.

I really hope you can take a moment, enjoy the season and support the arts. By the way, Santa’s there too.