OCT 7: Pro Skater Turned MTV Star Chad Tepper

Kevin Sutton Show - Chad Tepper

On Monday, we’ll be joined in the studio by former professional skateboarder Chad Tepper, who has found a second professional life in the acting game, although he played himself in a 2011 episode of MTV’s True Life – does that count?

You also may have seen him on MTV more recently. Tepper and his wife Allison were recent subjects of the MTV reality program Young & Married.

Young & Married tells the story of young people who have fallen in love and have chosen to spend their life together,” says the network promo materials. “MTV documents their lives and the challenges of making such a commitment at a young age with honesty, authenticity and respect.”

So, Tepper … spill it. Was there honesty? Respect? Oh, we’re gonna grill ’em.

Anyway, please join Kevin and The Players for what is sure to be a lively conversation with this New Yorker about pro skating, pretending to be somebody else for a living and, naturally, what is it like to be on TV. Us radio people would like to know.

Does that boy even know who Nina Blackwood is?

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– Marky Mark