At Times I Wonder

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At times I wonder why I try so hard in my campaign to bring Action Sports – especially wakeboarding – to the masses when more than 40% of the population doesn’t even know what it is.

They don’t even know the names of the athletes we classify as the top twenty! (I think the judging process is corrupt, but we’ll save the dark side for another day LOL).

On the other hand, action sports are much more than an athletic activity – it’s a #lifestyle. Just because millions don’t fill a stadium to see them put their lives on the line every weekend, it’s still full of excitement of putting meats in seats.

Flips, dips, spins, hairpin turns and breath-taking moves – Action Sports has it all. Trust me I know deep down, inside outside of getting to see someone bust their a**. Everyone loves action sports if you only give it a chance.

You will be hooked just like me!

We can stand together and spread the word giving respect to all levels from amateur, pro and weekend warrior. That word would be heard across the world. And it won’t just be on the X Games, but 365 days a year.

Could it happen? Is it possible? Yes it is, because I’m, baby. I have #dedicated my LIFE to the people of Action Sports. ‘Cause I am Action Man when you want it, when you need. I got it for you.

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– Kevin