Dreams Or Bucket List?

Kevin Sutton Show - Mayra - Dreams

I recently was asked, when do your Dreams turn into a Bucket List?

I know it’s hard to believe but I don’t believe in a Bucket List. I believe in DREAMS. I believe that anything is possible, that you must keep making new dreams and we should never stop believing in our dreams.

Some of my dreams are simple, like taking a trip or meeting a certain person, but my other dreams include accomplishing great things in my life like a new career/goal in my life and being a good mother and wife.

This is more apparent to me as a mother. I look at my daughter Faith, my true inspiration, and I don’t want to tell her that her dreams have an expiration date. How do you tell your child, you only have until this date to make your dreams come true?

After that you must give up and only look forward to the end of your life. How do you put an expiration date on dreams.

Don’t settle for a bucket list. Go back to the place in your life where your hope and dreams existed. Don’t stop dreaming, it is true when they say, “Anything is possible, as long as you believe.”

– Mayra