Magic Family time

PicCollageAs the Orlando Magic season ended, the Kevin Sutton Show’s, Faithy Fun Time, aka my little baby, had the wonderful opportunity to be an Honorary Ball Kid with the Orlando Magic. All I kept thinking was how this 4 foot wonder was going to put the Magic back on track. With her amazing talent, she could captivate the fans and players, and miraculously inspire slam Dunks to send us to the NBA Finals. Remember when the Orlando Magic was on fire with Shaq, Nick Anderson, Penny Hardaway, Dennis Scott, etc. I believe the year was 1998. A time when being a fan of the Orlando Magic was FAMILY. This new team was on fire, they were kicking a$$ and taking names. The team/players cared about this town and the people that lived here. They would hangout at local spots, give autographs and high fives all day. We are The City Beautiful and we had the Dream Team. There weren’t Heat Jerseys all up in Florida, it was Magic. Everyone had the official jersey or “knock off jerseys.” Hey, I’ll admit it, $90 dollars was just to much money to spend on a jersey so I got mine from the Magic Mall – home of the the $20 dollar Rolex (lol) Now back to my baby, bringing Orlando a Championship trophy. So how can a 9 year old do all that…..Maybe teach some dunking skills and help win the game for the Magic fans. Even though we didn’t win the game, I had so-much pride seeing Faith out on the court singing the National Anthem with the team, taking a couple of shoots (her average at the free throw, I will admit was better than most of our players) but all in all, her being on the court with the players, (without her favorite player, Dwight Howard) when we got home all she could talk about was how cool the team was and that she wanted to go to all the games next year to support them. So maybe she didn’t help them win but she helped me find the Magic inside of me.