Girl Power!

Kevin Sutton Show - Mayra's Blog - Girl Power

So I had a little taste of power on Friday, when our beloved host Kevin Sutton was late to the show (he really wasn’t late, he was escorting Faith to the Father/Daughter Dance at Saint John Vianney).

Can I just say … IT WAS AWESOME. Hearing the background music, cuing the mic, and “This is Mayra with the Ladies Point of View on the Kevin Sutton Show, coming to you live from the Loudmouth/Clear Channel studio in the lovely Orlando, Florida, etc.”

The power I tell you, it’s is exhilarating.

I guess now I know how Kevin Sutton feels every week on the radio waves. Actually, I might have to get my own gig.

As much as I love my Faithy Fun Time, I have to shamelessly talk about Girl Scout Cookie Time. It is here and we have a ton of boxes to sell. We started this weekend at Fantasy Surf for the competition and ended at the Publix on John Young in the Millennia Mall area.

I personally love the Peanut Butter Patties and Thin Mints. If anyone needs any boxes, any flavors, get in contact with me and I will deliver them to you.

It continues to be an awesome 2013, great family and friends.

Please continue listening to our great show and keep reaching for the stars … We’re Almost Famous!!!!

– Mayra