Valdosta Wake Compound (GA), IwAke (Taiwan)

Kevin Sutton Show - Valdosta Wake Compound

And now for Kevin’s Wake Spot Of The Week …

With the addition of the Valdosta Wake Compound to WakeScout this week, WakeScout is now able to provide riders and skiers places in over 1,200 cities throughout the world to get on the water.

The guys at Valdosta Wake Compound – located in Valdosta, Georgia – started off building secret winch spots around the creeks of Valdosta, along with making frequent weekend getaways to the Gravity Research Compound in Eastman, Georgia.

Through all of the builds, hits, and misses they developed one of the first cable parks anywhere completely funded, designed, developed, and operated by riders for riders.

Ride their Sesitec system with a wide array of sliders, ramps and rails or hang out on their beach soaking up the Georgia sunshine when you’re not on the water.

Kevin Sutton Show - IwAke Cable Park

and the international spot is …

WakeScout also heard from riders in Taiwan this week, making sure we got one of Taiwan’s newest cable parks listed on WakeScout. It is called IwAke Cable Park and it is located in Hsinchu City in Taiwan.

This is the third cable park in Taiwan, so anyone looking for a cool country to ride in can definitely find some spots in Taiwan. It shows just how universal/cross-cultural wakeboarding is, with riders shredding water all over the world.

– Kevin

WakeScout - Kevin Sutton Show

One of the great things about being part of WakeScout is learning about new places to get on the water to wakeboard, waterski, wakesurf, wakeskate … whatever your passion.

Whether notified by water sport entities that send in requests to be listed from all over the world, a recommendation from someone in the WakeScout community or simply a place we discover in a magazine or news article, each new listing helps achieve our goal to provide the water sport community with more and more places to get on the water.

We recently reached another milestone – we now have over 1,400 locations in 1,200 cities in 81 countries to get on the water listed on WakeScout.