OCT 24: Chris Kirkpatrick Of ‘N Sync

Kevin Sutton Show - Chris Kirkpatrick

We are very excited on Wednesday, Oct. 24 to welcome singer and voice actor Chris Kirkpatrick, a founding member of the boy band pop group ‘N Sync in which he sang counter tenor.

Kirkpatrick has also provided the voice for many kids shows, including the voice of Chip Skylark on The Fairly OddParents. He also guest starred on The Simpsons as himself, along with his fellow ‘N Sync bandmates.

He attended Rollins College while he performed at Universal Studios in a doo wop group.

We have so much to talk about! I’m sure Mayra has millions of questions.

For more info on CK’s charitable works, please visit the Chris Kirkpatrick Foundation website here.

Photo by: LuckyPineapple.

– Marky Mark