Fluid Ski (FL), Gerard Le Moy (Argentina)

Kevin Sutton Show

And now for Kevin’s Wake Spot of the Week …

This week, the Rocketman Night Jump will be taking place down the road from us here in Central Florida in Polk City at Fluid Ski & Sports. It will be on Saturday, Oct. 13, and features great music, food, a bikini contest and the best jumpers in the world. It is a really cool event.

Fluid Ski & Sports is a school is run by Scot Ellis and Kyle Eade, two of the best all-around skiers in the world. They teach slalom, tricks, jump, wakeboarding, barefoot skiing – all behind a Nautique on a beautiful private lake, complete with a slalom course and jump ramp.

They also have a great selection of gear.

According to their website, Scot and Kyle have been involved in coaching waterskiers of all abilities for over 20 years. Whether taking baby steps on a slalom ski to short-line slalom, or rocking 200-foot-plus jumps and world class tricking – they got you covered.

Increase your enjoyment behind the boat! . . . they can help you achieve your goals no matter what your current level.

Currently competing on the professional circuit, the “Rocketman” and the “Flying Kiwi” are always at the forefront of the water-skiing world and enjoy adapting the latest skiing techniques and theories to individually suit the skier they are working with.

Being ranked inside the top 10 waterskiers in the world since the 1990’s, Scot and Kyle know what it takes to perform.


Kevin Sutton Show

And now the international edition …

It’s Spring in Argentina and the riding and ski season is just getting underway. The Gerard Le Moy Ski and Wakeboard School is located on Lago Los Molinos, an incredible private lake near the city of Portrero De Garay.

Wakeboard, waterski, wake skate, wake surf. There is also a deck, swimming pool and solarium where you can relax when you’re not on the water.

– Kevin

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