Dropping The Dope Beats (Dope Beats)

Kevin Sutton Show - Hey Mister DJ

Sing it with me …

It’s been a long time (long time)
We shouldn’a left you (left you)
Without a dope beat to step to (step to)

LOL!!! I know you guys have to have the 411 on this hook from “Try Again” by Aaliyah. It is by far one of the best pick-me-up songs in the world.

Not familiar with this jam? Watch the video here.

I’ve been so down lately and this song came on the radio letting me know I had to pick myself off the ground and change somethings in my life. I know you’re like, “what’s going on Kev…  please tell us more.”

OK. Damn, y’all are nosey. JK.

Here it is – the Kevin Sutton Show has been doing awesome. So awesome that Clear Channel asked us if we would consider extending the hours of the No. 1 action sports show from two hours a week to four hours a week.

Can I get a what what. It’s so amazing to be with a network that cares and respects its workers.

On top of that, Kevin Sutton Show Entertainment services has been going crazy, keeping me busy 24/7. The whole crew has really been stepping it up with every event we do, making each one better than the last.

Sorry first client. LMAO.

Kevin Sutton Show

Kevin at the studio with wakeboarder Davis Havens

We’ve added to the list parties for kids and even some comedy skits – and they’ve both been such a hit that I just got booked for a New Year’s party. They want us to do everything, from the music, stand-up comedy and even a stunt show.

Talk about one-stop shopping. I guess when you say you offer it all somebody might ask for it.

But with all that’s going down I feel I need to add more to the website, host more events and blast the community with KSS non-stop action.

It’s going to take more time and dedication from me and the crew, but mainly from me. Not only am I the name, but also the face of the show and,  damn, might I add that it looks good. Snap snap.

‘Til next time, my social media family.

And don’t forget – I’m almost famous, baby!

– Kevin